Visit Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG

The use of hydroelectric power in the Grimsel and Susten area commenced in 1925 with the founding of the Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (Oberhasli AG power plants). In several stages, an impressive facility came into being that comprises eight dams and nine power plants, generating electricity for 1.2 million people.

Crystal Trail Hike

A small crystal named Grims has been living in its crystal crack for centuries. Grims would now like to see something of the world and has but one goal: run away and discover nature.

A hike along the old trading route between the Historic Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospiz and the Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck takes you through some lovely terrain and also some of the most mineral rich.

Visit the power plant „Electricity Production”

In the winter the Grimsel world is steeped in tranquility and solitude. But deep in the mountain, life continues to pulsate. Here the turbines of the power plant of Oberhasli run at full blast throughout the year.

Creating electricity from water is wonderful technology: hidden in the mountains, built for generations and absolutely safe. A pleasure for visitors to experience.