Ethérolla Piste

The downhill run on this highest slope in the Thyon ski area is a special treat for seasoned skiers who are looking for a real challenge. The views down to the Rhone Valley, the Dent Blanche and the Grande Dixence, Europe’s greatest dam, are quite stunning.

Walk to the "Pierres à cupules"

Stones like these, with round or oval hollows measuring from 1 – 30 cm are not only found in the Alps but also in Australia and South Africa. Were they made by man? For what purpose? The 11 km round trip to the "Pierres à cupules" goes from Evolène via Villa, Mayen de Cotter and Volovron back to Evolène. It takes about five hours. It climbs 800 m and then goes down again.


Boost your adrenalin levels!

This sport involves two teams fighting with the aid of markers and biodegradeable paint "bullets". If you have never tried it, or if it gives you an indescribable rush, come to Evolène.