Riding a Piste Bully as a co-pilot

Be there when the pistes are prepared for the next day. As a co-pilot, sitting next to an experienced groomer operator, one can experience the 430 Turbo-PS and the 12-liter capacity of a real Piste Bully up close and personal.

Co-pilot a snowcat!

350 horsepower under your seat and all the pistes to yourself: It's when the last snow sports enthusiast has left the skiing area of Sattel-Hochstuckli at 5 p.m. that the lonely work of the snowcat drivers begins. And the fun for their co-pilots. For guests have the opportunity to be present when the pistes are prepared and the snowmaking facilities are checked. The adventure continues until midnight and the only pause is a dinner at one of the mountain restaurants.

At night on the snow-covered mountain

Like giant fire bugs they climb at night across the white slopes of the snow-clad mountains and untiringly prepare the runs for the next day: the snowcats. The men in the cockpits of the high-horsepower caterpillar vehicles have a demanding and lonely, yet fascinating job. If you want to convince yourself, come and sit as a co-pilot by the driver's side and experience up close and personal what it means to be a piste-preparer.