Chamanna digl Kesch SAC

The hut was built in 1893 and during the first few decades of its existence had so many visitors that its capacity had to be increased, first from 26 to 40 and then to 90 bunks. Today this expansion is no longer sufficient.

The building's modern infrastructure is a technical masterpiece of its time. Located at 2,625 meters at the foot of the Kesch Mountain, it offers accommodation for 92 persons, spread over 5-bed to 12-bed rooms.

Capanna Cadlimo CAS

The mountain hut, at a panoramic location on the south side of the main Alpine ridge, stands high above the Leventina and Val Piora.

Cabane Rambert CAS

Located at 2,582 meters on the hiking loop "Tour des Muverans", between Derborence and Ovronnaz, the hut offers an unbelievably deep view, even by night, into the Rhone Valley. There are 44 beds with woollen blankets.