Belalp-Blatten, an impressive freeriding area in the Upper Valais. Wide-open, safe free-riding slopes at altitudes ranging from 1300 - 3100m above sea level are ideal for indulging in this white pleasure.

Belalp-Blatten, an impressive deep-snow area in the Upper Valais.

Hörnli Piste

The slopes in the Arosa winter sports area mainly range from easy to moderate, but there is also a wide and attractive selection of pistes suitable for more seasoned skiers. The black-marked Hörnli Piste in particular is perfect for those sporting turns.

Mike von Grünigen Run

Families get as much a run for their money on the Horneggli as do skilled skiers. The Mike von Grünigen Run is the pride of this piste network. Here, as they go through their entire repertoire, passionate carvers can follow in the footsteps of this native-born giant slalom world champion.