Candlelight Hotel Obersteinberg

Luxury comes in many varieties. Luxury of a special kind can be found at Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg in the Upper Lauterbrunnen Valley: no running water, no electricity, but an abundance of romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

Mine Silo at Herznach

A new chapter in the mining history of the Frick valley commenced in 1937 with the opening of the Herznach mine. The site of the decommissioned mine is in private ownership today. The silo has been converted to a residential building offering bed & breakfast; sections of the gallery railway have been restored to working order and an ammonite collection displays the finds that have been made underground.

Such a drastic overhaul was worthwhile: the 17.5-meter-high iron ore silo was transformed into a gem, likely to surprise guests with its incomparable atmosphere.

PODhouses – Wooden Igloos in Atzmännig

The PODhouses - igloos made from wood – are a special alternative to the tent. The sturdily built wooden PODhouses are small but exquisite, and they offer 2 to 6 beds.