Titlis Descent

The descent from the Titlis to Engelberg is one of the longest in the Alps – a full twelve kilometres. In its upper part especially, there are some exceptionally difficult sections. From time to time, however, it runs along gentle terrain.

Täli Piste

The Malbun winter sports region boasts a surprisingly versatile range of pistes within a fairly compact area. Included are gentle slopes, more racy passages and even some really steep sections. The Täli Piste is a real little gem.

Wittene zum Oeschinensee

Piste facilities in the family ski area at Oeschinensee are easy to operate and provide for leisurely skiing. Here, it’s not about the speed – just take a deep breath and enjoy. This valley descent past the frozen Oeschinensee lake to Kandersteg provides some delightful experiences in nature.