Crossbow Workshop

Sepp Steiner, better known to many in the region as Wilhelm Tell, knowledgeably introduces you to his crossbow workshop and proudly presents the art of constructing crossbows with the very same tools used to make the historic crossbows of days long gone.

Belle Epoque: A winter week like in days bygone

Kandersteg brings to life the Golden Age of Tourism by celebrating a "Belle Epoque" week: Tourism as it was one hundred years ago. During the nostalgic winter adventure week, there will be bobsledding on the original bobsled run, Eisstock-Schiessen ("Bavarian curling") and curling on the natural ice rink as well as telemark courses. The Grand Café Schweizerhof welcomes visitors at "Tea Time", and the legendary Hotel Victoria Ritter hosts an opulent Belle Epoque Ball.

Salt Mines – History of White Gold

Salt belongs on the table, whether in its natural form or with added herbs. A visit to these mines, which stretch over 50 km through tunnels, shafts and gigantic caves, starts off on a train and then continues on foot. An experience not to be missed!

For centuries the ownership of salt mines meant wealth and power. The salt deposits at Bex, discovered in the 15th century, are still mined today. The salt mines are accessible to visitors, a museum depicts the mining of salt from 1684 to the present.