Children's Snow Playground

The Les Paccots/Rathvel ski area is perfect for families with its easy ski pistes, trail for snowshoe beginners and ski instruction specifically tailored to suit the needs of children.

Trip to Lake Joncs and the Rathvel Pond

A wood chip path runs alongside Lake Joncs providing an insight into the botany of this site of national importance. A giant game of nine men's morris gives the whole family an opportunity to have some fun.
Around the Gouille de Rathvel, a small pond of national importance, small information boards provide insight into the life of batrachians. There is also a giant game of snakes and ladders featuring the life of a batrachian.

The Le Vuipay Cheesemaker

At the foot of the Taysachaux mountain, the Le Vuipay cheesemaker reveals the secrets of traditional cheesemaking (in particular concentrating on vacherin and sérac).

This friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic cheesemaker's
shop is open every day between June and September,
from 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.