Panorama Piste

The Panorama Piste is one of the most beautiful slopes in the Braunwald family ski area. There is a magnificent panorama along the whole way – hence the name. This intermediate run takes you from the Seblengrat down to the village.

Tobagganing way above everyday life

Grotzenbüel - Hüttenberg (3 km) toboggan run reserved for tobogganing with evening tobogganing and lit toboggan run (every Friday) and Grotzenbóel - Rubschen - Dorf (village) (3km).

A sportive toboggan run on which daredevils can let loose on a thrilling 3 kilometer ride from Grotzenbüel via Grosssyten to the mid Hüttenberg station.

Animal Trail

Family-friendly Braunwald has an exciting animal trail that delights hikers of all ages.