Snowhill, 2350m

Starting point of paraglider flights. The Snowhill Park (Funpark) is next door. The winter hiking trail leads to the south and is very sunny.

Snow, sun and fun tobogganing

Tight curves and plenty of gradient – this toboggan run offers 4 kilometres of pure adventure.

Kesch-Ducan – nature and scenery ad infinitum

This area, half of which is located in the Ela Nature Park, is divided up by many alpine valleys. There are mountain passes leading at gentle inclines in all directions. Scree slopes, boulder-strewn streams and moraines bear witness to the glaciers and erosion in the past. In 1992, the Porchabella glacier at the foot of the Piz Kesch released the body of an "ice man", while the fossils on the Duncanfurgga are millions of years older still. Hidden in the rocks here are treasures 230 million years old: fish, dinosaurs, mussels, crabs, algae and land-growing plants.

Standing 3,417 m tall, the Piz Kesch is the highest mountain in the Ela Nature Park. The Kesch-Ducan area with its glaciers and firn fields is a fascinating, peaceful landscape of rocks and water.