The Ant Trail Château-d'Oex

Approximately two hours' walking through forests and prairies to learn about ants and the way they live.

An unusual walk into the secret world of the unseen workers: ants...

33 km of Signposted Snowshoe Trails

Pays d'Enhaut offers a variety of snowshoe trails through forests and pastures.

The Chateau-d'Oex, les Mosses and Rougemont Tourist Offices, in collaboration with the "réseau sentiers" (Swiss snowshoe trails network) association, have opened 11 new signposted snowshoe trails (measuring a total of 56.6 km).

La Pierreuse, the Largest Nature Reserve in Western Switzerland

Situated at the foot of the Gummfluh (2458m), the landscape of national importance here is over 30 km2 in size. The name is no accident: the Alpine pasture is as stony as the slopes of the encircling mountains. A vista-rich day’s hike leads from the Videmanette mountain station, around the Alp La Pierreuse region, and across one of four passes to L'Etivaz; the simpler tour leads directly to Château-d'Oex.

La Pierreuse is Western Switzerland's largest nature reserve.