Alpenhotel Glogghuis ,1920m

The very middle of Switzerland

Where is the middle of Switzerland? The Federal Office for National Topography, swisstopo, used the digitised Swiss national boundaries to calculate the centre of gravity (mid point) of the country. It is near to the Alp Älggi in the Kleine Melchtal in Obwalden.

Do you know exactly where the very middle of Switzerland is? Near to a pretty little alp in the Kleine Melchtal, Obwalden canton.

Gasthof Waldhaus, 1080m

A Ride in Sepp‘s Fondue Sleigh on the Wirzweli

In the midst of a magical winter wonderland two proud Haflinger horses pull Sepp’s cozy fondue sleigh. The ride is a fun experience and is ideally suited for group excursions. This special sleigh ride lasts about two hours. During the ride a fine, homemade cheese fondue and a glass of Kirsch are served. In case it is very cold, the guests are provided with warm blankets.

There is sufficient room for ten guests in the sleigh. The fondue pans are especially secured so that they don’t tip over during the ride. The carriage ride begins and ends at the mountain station of the Dallenwil-Wirzweli Cable Car.