Longest run in the Saastal valley

Eleven kilometers of tobogganing in one go - there's only one place to do this in Switzerland and that place is Saas Grund.

A whole 11,000 meters separate the Kreuzboden to Saas-Grund run and valley landing.


It's no battle in the saddle, but a pleasure tour through the three villages of the Saas Valley.

Can there be anything better than going biking against a glorious mountain backdrop? That's not a problem at all in the Saas Valley. No fewer than 13 of Switzerland's highest peaks are assembled here, with the Dufourspitze standing head and shoulders above giants.

Saas Valley cross-country dream

The 26km long Saas Valley track is a hit with cross-country skiing enthusiasts. Discover the most beautiful aspects of the Saas Valleys.

Permanent adventure

The sun-spoilt Hannig with beautiful 2350-meter-high views is your departure point for this entertaining 6-kilometer ride down to the valley bottom.