UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Lenzerheide

8 to 10 July 2016

Lenzerheide is the only Swiss host and brings the Mountain Bike World Cup back to the mountains.

Motorbike Tour - East-West, Stage II

Disentis – Oberalppass – Andermatt – Gotthardpass – Airolo – Nufenenpass – Gletsch – Grimselpass – Interlaken – Spiez – Gstaad

The second stage of the East-West Tour begins in Desentis and leads right away across the first pass of the day, the Oberalp Pass, to Andermatt. The Urseren Valley (Kanton Uri) at the foot the Gotthard Pass is one of Switzerland’s most imposing high valleys. Andermatt, the largest of the valley’s three villages, is located at the intersection of the pass routes from North to South and from West to East.

Motorbike Tour - East-West, Stage II

Fairies' Grotto and underground waterfall

The "Grotte des Fées", or the "Fairies' Grotto", is a natural zig-zagged gallery reaching 1,000 metres into the mountain, at the end of which is a 50 metre-high subterranean waterfall.

North of St. Maurice and the abbey, high above the castle at the Rhone narrows, the Fairies' Grotto has carved its way more than half a kilometre into the mountain. At the end of their walk, visitors will find a small subterranean lake and a 50 metre-high waterfall.

Stalactite cave and subterranean river

The river Orbe created the Fairy Caves at the Vaudoise town of Vallorbe. The caves constitute a fascinating grotto complex. The round trip tour leads visitors along the subterranean course of the river to stalactites, stalagmites, dripstone structures, columns and to galleries.

The River Orbe created a fascinating cave system at the Vaudois town of Vallorbe. The tour leads visitors along the subterranean course of the Orbe (an outflow from the Vallée de Joux), passing by stalactites, stalagmites, drip-stone formations, columns and galleries. Once upon a time fairies that charmed young men were supposed to have lived here.