Planning a Tour. Climbing the Mountains.

Before preparing a memorable tour it is important to plan ahead, take weather reports and the condition of the routes into consideration, collect all information on the chosen tour and, of course, to acquire a complete set of mountain gear.

Climbers are particularly prudent and thoughtful. Planning and preparing a climb are as important as the execution. Taking into account other climbers on the same mountain is as much a concern for them as the protection of untouched nature.

Planning a Tour. Climbing the Mountains.

Traversina-footbridge II

The second Traversina-footbridge is found around 70-meters further down the Rhine - and the first in a side valley of the Viamala Gorge.

Belalp-Riederalp suspended bridge

The connection between Belalp and Riederalp. For many decades, the Belalp – Riederalp trail passed only over the Aletsch glacier. Even small livestock was taken across to the other side of the glacier in this way. Metal ladders were later required on account of the shrinkage of the glacier, and today a suspended bridge crosses the ice-free gorge. Walking time 4.5h.

Hiking fun on the Philosophers' Trail

Unforgettable winter hike following in the footsteps of great philosophers with unique views of the Bernina Massif and views down to the Engadin lakes.