Pfannenstiel Tower

The Pfannenstiel Tower was renovated in the summer of 2013 and has a turbulent history: The steel lattice tower was originally built on Bachtel mountain in 1893. Since it was not suitable as an aerial mast, it was reconstructed on the Pfannenstiel in 1992.

Silleren / Hahnenmoos – Wonderland

Those are views! The Adelboden - Sillerenbühl cable railway gives you an all round view of the mountain and valley world from the 1974-metre high mountaintop.

The pass region between Adelboden and Lenk has long been used as a passageway for horses and horse-drawn carriages, a first hotel was constructed in 1905, and starting in winter 1936 a so-called Funi-sled made its way through the pass.

Marzilibahn – a million and more passengers

The cableway Marzili - Stadt Bern, called Marzilibahn for short, is a funicular train that links the Marzili quarter with the Old Town, Bern’s heart, which is found at a higher elevation.

Since1885 the fastest way from the Berne railway station to the Aare and Marzili-Bad. The small railway transports a million passengers annually, with the journey taking around a minute, and departures every two.

Gadastatt – above the Therme Vals spa complex

The typical Walser Alps lie on the west side of the Vals mountain village; to where the gondola cableway climbs to 1817-meter altitude. The Gadastatt lies at the foot of the Dachberg mountain.