Brienzer Rothorn

The three and four thousand metre peaks cluster round the Brienzer Rothorn. Early risers may be rewarded by seeing the sunrise between the mountains. There is a cable-car from Sörenberg and, from Brienz, the only scheduled steam-powered rack railway service in Switzerland. Various different opportunities for walking, with varying degrees of difficulty, or you can go right over to the Brünig Pass, 4.5 hrs.


Today's Bachtel lookout tower was built in 1986 and is 60 meters high. A viewing platform at 30 meters above ground offers beautiful views of Lake Zurich, the Linth Plain, the foothills of the Alps and the Alpstein mountain range.

T.V. Tower Mont Pèlerin

The Mont Pèlerin Television Tower is 122 meters high. It is Switzerland’s only television tower that is also an observation deck, which is accessible by elevator.

Tour de Moron

The imposing 30-meter-high tower at Moron was designed by Mario Botta. The view from the top extends far across the first Jura chain up to the Alpine arc, from the Säntis to the Montblanc. In the north the Vosges and the Black Forest come into view.