Slate factory

A unique piece of Glarus industrial history. In this factory, founded in 1898, they mainly used to make school writing slates, involving over 30 different processes, and later score boards for card games and other souvenirs. Here, in the only working slate factory in Switzerland, the slate dust, sawdust and smell of lime are combined with the latest educational approach to museums (group guided tours only, by arrangement).

Dulcimer / Hackbrett

Switzerland’s only Glass Labyrinth

The extraordinary world of glass enchants visitors with glass sounds and a fascinating light show. Similar to a mirror hall, and yet different, it is not easy to find one’s way to the exit. One has to take care not to bump into something.

Hot craftsmanship

He is as keen as mustard on his profession: René Burri 's original glass art, which ranges from pretty accessories to practical products for everyday use, is celebrated the world over. His guided tours through his workshop in Wila delight not only insiders and connoisseurs, but all those who like to try their hand at this art. You can blow your own glass for the aperitif at the end of the tour. It may not turn out to be a work of art, but it certainly will provide a lot of fun for all participants.