From Stans to the Ächerli Pass and on ingenious single tracks back to Stans

Central Switzerland is blessed with myriad vantage points. Among the plethora of mountains there are some, which on account of their breathtaking panoramic views, must be counted among the top 10 peaks. The Stanserhorn Mountain is in this league. Ten lakes and some 100 kilometers of the Alpine chain are all part of the panorama awaiting you on the Stanserhorn.

Walk on the Stanserhorn

The walk starts at the viewing terrace of the mountain station and rotating restaurant.

The walk starts at the viewing terrace of the mountain station and rotating restaurant.

Stanserhorn – the friendliest mountain

The 1,898 meter high Stanserhorn offers a view of ten lakes, 100 kilometers of the Alpine mountain range and three countries. Even the arrival by nostalgic cable car has its charms. The most convenient spots to enjoy the panorama are in the revolving restaurant or on the viewing platform.

Since 1893 open wooden carriages slowly make their way in leisurely manner from Stans direction Stanserhorn – terminating at the mid station after which you board the CabriO and a new generation in transport.

Restaurant Berghaus Haldigrat (Mountain House), 1937m

In winter, the region is fully in the hands of the snowboarders, freeriders and ski tour enthusiasts. Visitors enjoy the panoramic view of the Eiger, Pilatus, Rigi and Mythen mountains as well as of Lucerne. On sunny, avalanche-safe weekends we offer accommodation and food. The ski runs are not controlled and skiers and snowboarders use them at their own risk.

Haldigrat, located at 1940 meters, is the focal point of various hiking routes. This mountain house can be reached by foot or by chair lift. The cozy mountain house, which boasts some unique rooms and a sun terrace at the foot of Mt. Brisen, is worth a visit both in summer and winter. The panoramic view extends from the Eiger to Lucerne to Mt. Rigi to Mt. Pilatus.