The Inferno Triathlon races from Thun up to the Schilthorn Mountain (altitude of 2,970 m a.s.l.). The participants start at the lakeside pool. It is one of the world's most taxing competitions of this kind.

One of the most challenging competitions in the world takes place against the backdrop of breathtaking mountains.

Shooting with bow and arrow, just like Robin Hood

Calling all Robin Hood fans! In Nax one can immerse oneself in the world of the popular folklore character and go into the forest with bow and arrow.

Portes du Soleil Free Raid Classic

3 days of mountain biking in the most beautiful areas in France and Switzerland at the end of June!

Mountainboard Excursions

An adventure-filled Mountainboard excursion lets beginner and advanced boarders of all ages enjoy the fascinating mountain world. These excursions are offered in Western and Eastern Switzerland as well as in Ticino.