Restaurant Lagerhaus

Mediterranean hospitality and cuisine are celebrated and experienced in a unique establishment in way where dishes can be combined with surprisingly delicious outcomes. A meeting place for people who value fresh and seasonal cuisine that lies close to nature.

Demanding three-day trip in the Cristallina area

Diversified mountain route from Alpe Pesciüm to the Cristallina Cabin and on to Goms via the Nufenen Pass.

A mutilation of nature or an impressive artificial construction. The Gotthard can be considered as you wish. Particularly imposing are the structures of the Alpe Pesciüm, the starting point of a three day mountain hiking experience between northern Tessin and Wallis.

Sking Area Jaun

The Sking Area of Jaun is ideal for families and suitable for skiers of all ages and all levels of skill.

Churer Joch, No. 607

The training tour

The Churer Joch is the perfect tour for testing how fit you are. Am I any faster than I was last time? How fast was my pulse? Which gears was I in last time? All of these questions can be repeatedly put to the test on the climb up to the Churer Joch.