From Alp to Alp in the Eringer Valley

Lone alpine meadows and above all crowning glacier summit parade on the Val d'Hérens highland hike - the beauty of which almost blows you away!

Le Lavioz Children’s Snow Playground

The children's snow playground at Creux du Lavioz is the perfect place for children to learn about snow sports and how to ski. The practice area is located in the centre of the village and is within easy walking distance.


Boost your adrenalin levels!

This sport involves two teams fighting with the aid of markers and biodegradeable paint "bullets". If you have never tried it, or if it gives you an indescribable rush, come to Evolène.

Vallon de Réchy: The Hidden Valley

A pristine, hidden valley between Val d'Hérens and Val d'Anniviers. Many writers have received their inspiration here. The brook seeks its own course without interference from man-made impediments. The "Bec de Bosson" mountain peak watches over the valley and its four villages: Nax, Saint-Martin, Vercorin and Grimentz. In autumn, the rutting of stags can be heard across the expanses of the "Ar du Tsan" plain.

The Val de Réchy, which is located to the south of Sierre, is an untamed natural valley. Its unspoiled state, natural streams, mountain lakes and blanket mires with their interesting flora make Val de Réchy a very worthwhile hiking destination.