Vorab Park / Beginner Park / NoName Park / Plaun Park

Everything is possible - - first attempts in the Beginner Park, trying kickers and rails and easy jibs, or testing one’s limits in Plaun Park (which is opposite the Beginner Park) and perfecting one’s style. A few sweeps away, in NoName Park, one can drop into Europe’s largest Halfpipe and then watch the other skiers from Cafe NoName, while listening to chill music and enjoying the pleasant ambiance.

Martegnas Descent

With its extra-wide pistes Savognin is regarded as a carver’s paradise. One of this ski area’s most beautiful slopes starts at the summit of the Piz Martegnas. Without any flat sections, it takes you down to the village in one highly enjoyable sweep.

Patagonia/Black Diamond Alpine Safety Center

Complete Avalanche Security Training Center.

Complete Avalanche Security Training Center.

Sunshine Piste

Sunshine - a concise and accurate description of this piste! Already at the start at Planplatten, 2245 m above sea level, you are rewarded with magnificent views.

The name says it all – the Sunshine Piste on the Hasliberg’s panoramic south-facing slope offers plenty of sunshine and stunning views. The descent takes you from the Planplatten top station over varied terrain to Bidmi.