Capanna Cava

Starting at Biasca, two different trails lead to this mountain hut. The hike takes between 5 1/2 and 6 hours.

Chamonas d'Ela CAS

In the heart of the Ela Park, this self-catering hut is suitable for guests who enjoy the rough charm of a classical mountain refuge.

Cabane du Demècre

Immediately above the bend of the Rhone near Martigny, between Ovronnaz and Morcles.

Fridolin Hut SAC

If one heads from Tierfed at the back of the main Glarus Valley to the Fridolin Hut and the Grünhorn Hut, one climbs into the early age of Alpinism.

Located at 2,111 meters, at the foot of the Tödi in Canton Glarus. The hut, made of stone, is reached in four hours from Tierfed, or in 5 hours 30 minutes from Linthal. After the climb, hikers enjoy a dip in the bathing lake.