Easy hikes for pleasure seekers

Le Noirmont is home to a special winter hike tailored to the needs of pure pleasure seekers. Horse lovers get their fill of enjoyment too.

Nature Trail in the forest of the Theusseret Nature Reserve

The forest areas, which extend up to the depression of the peat bog "La Tourbière" are ideal for scientific exploration of the forest. The Theusseret Nature Reserve has the task to safeguard the long-term protection and preservation of animal and plant species and to encourage the exploration of the forest.

Winter horse riding - a dream-like experience

Rides on horseback through the snowy countryside accompanied solely by peace and quiet.

Jura Scooter-Fun

Anybody who reckons the picturesque landscapes in canton Jura are exclusively covered by horse or bike as means of getting around is way out of touch - because scooter descents are equally as thrilling and adventurous!