Trottinett-Fun in Scuol

For more than a hundred years, Trottinetts (scooters) have been a popular leisure time activity. In fact, they are experiencing a revival at present.

No special knowledge is required for riding the Trottinet, is is almost as easy as walking and is suitable to the whole family.

Idea 1: Pure culture and a 100-year-old pioneer

This tour reveals a fascinating mix of nature and culture, taking you to the Lower Engadine holiday regions of Scuol, Samnaun und Val Müstair and two Unesco World Heritage sites.

Snowpark Scuol

The winds of change are blowing in Lower Engadine: Snow Park Scuol has been fully upgraded in the 2010/2011 season.

God da Tamangur - Arvenwald

The highest continuous area of stone pine forest in Europe, at the eastern edge of the National Park. For the Rhaeto-Romansch people, the God da Tamangur symbolises perseverance, strength and the will to survive. The natural conservation area is on the way from Scuol through the S-charl valley (post bus) into the Val Müstair.

The God da Tamangur ("the wood at the back") is the highest continuous area of stone pine forest in Europe. It is located at 2300 m, right at the end of the S-charl valley, south of Scuol.