Baschweri Rope Park

In full view of the Valaisian Alps one glides safely on steel ropes through the romantic larch forest.

Hotel Restaurant Aletsch, 2000m

Unique Aletsch Forest

The ‘Pro Natura’ nature reserve belongs to the most impressive forests in Switzerland. The vegetation in the light mountain forest comprises larches, stone pines and dwarf shrubs. Around 330 ha of the Aletsch forest, endangered earlier due to overgrazing, have stood under a protection order since 1933: from the forest-free ridge of the Hohflue and Moosflue across closed stretches of forest to the glacier periphery with its moraines.

The Aletsch Glacier is Central Europe's largest glacier. On its Southern flank there is a unique kind of nature reserve. This interesting hike connects Kühboden on beautiful hiking trails to the Aletsch Forest. The views onto the glacier and the surrounding mountains are overwhelming.

Gogwärgi path

The Gogwärgi path starts at Fiescheralp. Then you walk downhill during 3 hours through the forest to Fiesch. Aesthetic, hand-carved wood dwarf and a lot of interesting stories invite the visitor to stay

It is said that they once lived everywhere in Oberwallis – the Gogwärgini- those hard-working dwarfs. At some point they disappeared. But the stories about the "Gogwärgini" have remained up to this day and can be discovered on the Gogwärgi theme route.