Western Switzerland’s most important river originates in the Gotthard Massif – where the rivers Rhine, Reuss and Ticino also originate. On its westward course, the country’s best vineyards accompany it for a large part.

Naturalised River Thur

Beavers, frogs and butterflies, white willows and orchids: now the region at the confluence of the Thur and the Rhine has been returned to nature, wildlife is flourishing again.


The Thur is Eastern Switzerland’s predominant river. Coming from Toggenburg, the river flows in a large arc beside the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau and parts of the Canton of Zürich.

Engstligen Falls / Engstligenalp

The Engstligen Falls are among Switzerland’s highest waterfalls. Since 1948 the cantonal nature conservancy has protected them.

A natural spectacle in a class of their own are the 600m long Engstligen waterfalls. Under preservation since 1948, these are the second longest falls in Switzerland.