“Il Spir” Observation Platform

After the retreat of the last glacier 10,000 years ago, the Rhine River started to break through the rock masses of the Flims Rock Slide. The river’screated the nature spectacle of the Ruinaulta (Upper Rhine Gorge).

Bantig Swisscom Tower

The transmission tower of the Swisscom supplies the surrounding area with radio and television programs. The new tower is built on concrete piles with a total height of 196.2 meters, consisting primarily of an upward tapering, prestressed concrete cylinder and a 126-meter-high pipe crown.

Summer Skiing on the Matterhorn

In the Matterhorn glacier paradise the Alps' highest summer skiing area and Europe's largest Snowpark are to be found.

Attention snowboard enthusiasts and ski fans: On the Theodul Glacier you will find the Alps' highest summer skiing areas and Europe's largest Snowpark.

Solar and Wind Power Stations at Mount Soleil and Mount Crosin

One of the most important renenwable energy centres in Europe can be found in the Bernese Jura: the wind power station on Mount Crosin and the solar power station on Mount Soleil.

The photovoltaic solar power station operates on Mount Soleil. Wind turbines stand on Mount Crosin.