The Esterli Tower was built in 1974 by the local civic community. It replaces the tower built in 1905. The Esteri Tower is 49 meters high and consists of 19 concrete pipe elements. A staircase with 253 steps leads to the viewing platform, which is 45 meters above ground level. The platform is located at 602 meters above sea level.

Madrisa – adventure for children

The Madrisa Train operators call the mountain station “Entrance to the Alpine Park Landscape”. And they are quite justified in doing so, for there are innumerable natural and cultural phenomena in a tiny space at the border between Graubünden and Vorarlberg.

Dwarfs, alpine ghosts and root characters are key figures on the Klosters family mountain. Gondola-style rail runs from the village to the forest border of the Saas Alp.

Allalin – at the heart of things

If one did not have before one’s mind’s eye the dazzling mountain world and the glittering glacier next to the entrance to the Alpine Metro, one would forget that the tunnel walls rushing by at a speed of ten meters per second are part of the High Alps.

Following a ten-minute gondola cable ride to Felskinn, the trip continues with a ten meters per second ascent in the highest Metro funicular as you make your way to the world’s highest revolving restaurant.

Schynige Platte – romantic rail

Since 1893 the cogwheel train has been transporting nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts from Wilderswil near Interlaken to the Schynige Platte, the starting point of beautiful hiking tours and mountain trails. Next to the mountain station you will find the Alpine Garden, which specializes in local flora.

Already the journey with a nostalgic cog railway and open carriages is an adventure in itself - and the higher you climb, the better the breath-taking views of the mountains that open up all around you.