Natural history museum

The largest natural history museum in Switzerland. Amphibians and birds, dinosaurs and animal life from the five continents.

Sauverny lentils

A tasty dried vegetable and a good source of protein, also rich in amino acids, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B. Since 1995 they have been grown in Geneva in the traditional way, entirely without the use of fertilisers. The "Courtois" farm in Sauverny where they are produced also uses solar energy.

Domaine des Perrières

Viticulture and philosophy go hand in hand at this estate in the heart of the Geneva vineyards, where the Rochaix family offers ten different wines for tasting, all carefully vinified according to traditional methods.

Gilbert Albert - Musée des Cabinotiers

Albert works with unusual raw materials and occupies a leading position in the manufacture of modern jewellery. In 1999 he opened the Musée des Cabinotiers in Geneva.