The small Ticinese mountain village, located in Centovalli Valley, is part of the municipality of Centovalli.

Vacations on the Farm "Impasse du Loup"

From May to September one can sleep on straw beds, milk cows and participate in the the farmer’s daily life on the farm owned by the Meylan family at the Petit Risoux, north of Lac de Joux. The Chalet des Plainoz can be reached on foot, by bicycle or car.

Between Chasseral and the 'Freiberge' mountain range

Upland walk with views extending into the 'Freiberge' mountain range, across the heights of the "Montagne du Droit" to Tramelan and further to Le Fuet. The walk is 20 km in length and takes 5.5 hrs to complete. The starting and end points can be reached by public transport.

Hohniesen Guesthouse

Refined accommodation with 12 guest beds, built in the typical chalet style of the Diemtig valley. Peaceful and sunny location, amidst natural surroundings with views of a magnificent mountain panorama. Directly on one of the Bernese Oberland Flyer-Bike-Routes and at the heart of the Diemtig valley hiking region.