Zeneggen: Hike Along the Aqueducts

A special treat is a visit to Zeneggen, which has retained its rustic character of yore. Its buildings are sprinkled across a large, sunny plateau and linked together by open aquaducts that the locals call suonen.

The houses of this mountain village are sprinkled across a large, sunny plateau above Visp, an ancient cultural landscape defined by open aqueducts and an extraordinary wealth of Alpine plants that have become rare elsewhere. This is Zeneggen in the Augstbord region.

Emosson Dam

The Emosson resevoir, situated above the Trient Valley, was brought into service in 1972 to satisfy a high demand for electricity from all over the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Bisse du Ro (Suone, an ancient canal)

The route from Lac de Tseuzier to Crans-Montana is multifaceted and somewhat demanding. The hiker is rewarded by stunning views from the former water canal (Suone) into the depth of the Liène Valley.

The Lago di Saoseo shimmers like an optical illusion, its waters a vivid, luminescent cobalt-blue, and the Lago di Viola nestles like a deep violet eye in the gentle hollow at the foot of the Scima da Saoseo, whose furrowed spine is a delightful contrast to the velvety meadows, still lakes and sparse Swiss pine and larch woods of the Val di Campo.