Naturalised River Thur

Beavers, frogs and butterflies, white willows and orchids: now the region at the confluence of the Thur and the Rhine has been returned to nature, wildlife is flourishing again.


The Thur is Eastern Switzerland’s predominant river. Coming from Toggenburg, the river flows in a large arc beside the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau and parts of the Canton of Zürich.

Geological trail through the Zügen gorge

An insight into the geological development in the Zügen gorge, between Davos-Monstein and the "Bärentritt". Old valley road closed to motorcar traffic, set in cool shade due to the narrow, deep valley cutting. Above us, the Rhaetian Railway, which negotiates the gorge across viaducts and through tunnels. Carries on towards Wiesen, then continues on the nature trail to Filisur.

People who are familiar with stones and rock formations will walk through the mountains as if they were reading a book on geology.

From the City to the Hills via the Canyon

Hiking through the outskirts of Solothurn to a wild and romantic canyon with a chapel and hermitage.

A multifaceted hiking tour: It begins in the heart of Solothurn and takes you through outlying areas to the romantic wilderness of a canyon blessed with a chapel and hermitage, and then on a gentle trail along the foot of the Jurassic Mountains to your destination, Grenchen, the watch city.