Yoga Piste

A world-first with the Paradiso piste on the Corviglia home to a brand-new Yoga piste. Focus is on slowing down and experiencing descents at a different pace. An opportunity to consciously practice skiing thanks to the new Yoga on Snow Project.

Segantini Museum

The Segantini Museum in St. Moritz is dedicated to the painter Giovanni Segantini, who spent the last five years of his life in the Engadine. His most important work is the painting "Nature, Life, Death" (La nature, la vita, la morte).

The Segantini Museum displays work from all the artist's creative periods.

Chesa al Parc, 1822m

Restaurant Murtaröl

The restaurant in Plaun da Lej guarantees freshly caught fish from the Oberengadine lakes or the sea. Highest quality delicacies are purchased three times a week at the Milan fish market. Bordered by forests and craggy precipices it commands stunning views of splendid Upper Engadin mountain and lakescapes. 14 GaultMillau points.

Restaurant Murtaröl