Mountainboard Excursions

An adventure-filled Mountainboard excursion lets beginner and advanced boarders of all ages enjoy the fascinating mountain world. These excursions are offered in Western and Eastern Switzerland as well as in Ticino.

Block sports facility, Winterthur

The cubic complex on the Sulzer-Areal is a trend-sport facility featuring climbing hall, rollerblade park and beach volley ball court.

If you like adrenaline and action, the Block sports facility and Tempo-Drom go-kart track are just the place for you.


The Inferno Triathlon races from Thun up to the Schilthorn Mountain (altitude of 2,970 m a.s.l.). The participants start at the lakeside pool. It is one of the world's most taxing competitions of this kind.

One of the most challenging competitions in the world takes place against the backdrop of breathtaking mountains.

Interactive Shooting Theater at Brünig Indoor

Switzerland’s unique public shooting theater is at Brünig Indoor, the former subterranean shooting center. One can shoot with laser or sniper shots (spherical shells only) from a distance of five to a maximum of 20 meters onto a large screen measuring three by eight meters.