Interactive Shooting Theater at Brünig Indoor

Switzerland’s unique public shooting theater is at Brünig Indoor, the former subterranean shooting center. One can shoot with laser or sniper shots (spherical shells only) from a distance of five to a maximum of 20 meters onto a large screen measuring three by eight meters.

slowUp – the car free adventure days from SwitzerlandMobility

The slowUp recipe is as easy said as done! Take a 30k stretch of road in attractive surroundings, lock the car in the garage and enjoy a more leisurely and non-motorized pace together with varied side programme along the very same stretch.

HS 36 Skate Park, Lausanne

The Skate Park in the centre of Lausanne is a great meeting place for young people. This is where skating, roller blade and scooter enthusiasts come to have fun.

Lausanne is home to the annual Roller Contest and the doors of the Skate Park are always open to visitors.

Swin Golf against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps

Swin-golf is different from classic golf because it takes place on natural prairies, with a single club that has three faces and a softer, larger ball. A quick introduction is all that is required to master the basics of this new sport.