"Didaludic" play and learn trail

A 3.8 km long circuit at an altitude of 1800 m, between Thyon and Les Collons. The educational trail and information panels have been designed by schoolchildren. They cover five topics in German, English and French: Marmots, Birdsong, Bears, Ants and Green Energy. You should allow two hours for the walk and games; the starting point is by the tennis courts in Thyon; halfway round, you can have a rest at "Gouilli d'en bas" where there's a pond.

Ecole de la forêt

In Mase one can discover mother nature in a modern way. The iPhone shows the way and provides exciting information about the forest and the region’s flora and fauna.

Swin Golf against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps

Swin-golf is different from classic golf because it takes place on natural prairies, with a single club that has three faces and a softer, larger ball. A quick introduction is all that is required to master the basics of this new sport.

Shooting with bow and arrow, just like Robin Hood

Calling all Robin Hood fans! In Nax one can immerse oneself in the world of the popular folklore character and go into the forest with bow and arrow.