Vallon de Réchy: The Hidden Valley

A pristine, hidden valley between Val d'Hérens and Val d'Anniviers. Many writers have received their inspiration here. The brook seeks its own course without interference from man-made impediments. The "Bec de Bosson" mountain peak watches over the valley and its four villages: Nax, Saint-Martin, Vercorin and Grimentz. In autumn, the rutting of stags can be heard across the expanses of the "Ar du Tsan" plain.

The Val de Réchy, which is located to the south of Sierre, is an untamed natural valley. Its unspoiled state, natural streams, mountain lakes and blanket mires with their interesting flora make Val de Réchy a very worthwhile hiking destination.

Swin Golf against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps

Swin-golf is different from classic golf because it takes place on natural prairies, with a single club that has three faces and a softer, larger ball. A quick introduction is all that is required to master the basics of this new sport.

Shooting with bow and arrow, just like Robin Hood

Calling all Robin Hood fans! In Nax one can immerse oneself in the world of the popular folklore character and go into the forest with bow and arrow.

Skijoring - fast-paced fun with horsepower

Pulled on skis by a horse at a considerable pace, together with the close proximity to these beautiful four-legged friends, make this a delightful experience for big and small alike.