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Belvédère via ferrata

As you climb up here, with a difference in altitude of 220 metres, the view over the Rhone valley will take your breath away. This via ferrata high above Sion is accessible to all, provided you have the right equipment. Depending on your climbing experience, the tour takes between 1 and 2 hours. The starting point is 30 minutes' walk from the village. There is an information notice and exercise point in the village.

Belvédère means beautiful view – a most fitting name for views from the top of the via ferrata that commences beneath Nax.

Nature trail from Nax to Eison

On this 15 km long educational trail, you cross bubbling streams, follow the course of three "suonen" ("bisses", ancient water courses) and gain an insight into the typical way of building barns, sawmills and mountain huts in this region. An illustrated guide describes the fauna, flora and buildings you'll see along the trail. Each thing to look at along the way is marked with a number to match the description.

"Didaludic" play and learn trail

A 3.8 km long circuit at an altitude of 1800 m, between Thyon and Les Collons. The educational trail and information panels have been designed by schoolchildren. They cover five topics in German, English and French: Marmots, Birdsong, Bears, Ants and Green Energy. You should allow two hours for the walk and games; the starting point is by the tennis courts in Thyon; halfway round, you can have a rest at "Gouilli d'en bas" where there's a pond.