Eiger Run

Rumour has it that the Eiger Run is one of the most attractive and well-groomed toboggan runs in the Bernese Oberland...

Glacier 3000 Monsterpark

The snow park is located in the Bernese Oberland’s only glacier ski region.

SAC Huts: visitors experience nature at an elevation between 1,475 and 4,003 meters above sea level.

Mit 153 Hütten und 9500 Schlafplätzen betreibt der Schweizer Alpen-Club SAC die grösste Auswahl an Bergunterkünften in der Schweiz und bietet über das ganze Jahr vielfältigste Naturerlebnisse an atemberaubenden Standorten.

Over 150 mountain huts, operated by the Swiss Alpine Club SAC, invite visitors to enjoy the unique experience of the natural world, extensive hiking tours and romantic overnight stays. The SAC huts offer simple and cozy accommodation for alpinists, climbers, hikers, families and nature lovers against the backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery.


The airboard is a high-tech, inflatable body-board used on snow. You steer it simply by shifting your weight; it gives you the feeling of flying just above the surface of the snow. Developed in Switzerland, the Airboard can be used on many toboggan runs, on deep powder snow, and especially on dedicated airboard slopes. Airboarding is easy to learn; all you need, in addition to the airboard, are good winter clothing, helmet, gloves, knee protection, and strong footwear.

Airboard® is the registered trademark for a winter sport equipment developed in Switzerland. Manufactured from high-quality plastic-coated material, it is a lightweight and very durable snow glider that is also called a bodyboard for snow.