Vorab Park / Beginner Park / NoName Park / Plaun Park

Everything is possible - - first attempts in the Beginner Park, trying kickers and rails and easy jibs, or testing one’s limits in Plaun Park (which is opposite the Beginner Park) and perfecting one’s style. A few sweeps away, in NoName Park, one can drop into Europe’s largest Halfpipe and then watch the other skiers from Cafe NoName, while listening to chill music and enjoying the pleasant ambiance.

Ostabfahrt (eastern descent)

The Ostabfahrt in Toggenburg takes you across a very diverse landscape with varied terrain. The piste starts on the Chäserrugg, the panoramic highest point in this ski area, and ends in Unterwasser.

Patagonia/Black Diamond Alpine Safety Center

Complete Avalanche Security Training Center.

Complete Avalanche Security Training Center.

Snowpark Scuol

The winds of change are blowing in Lower Engadine: Snow Park Scuol has been fully upgraded in the 2010/2011 season.