The Chaux-de-Mont Black Piste

The 1 kilometre long Chaux-de-Mont Black Piste between 1,900 and 2,200 metres above sea level in the Berneuse ski area in Leysin, is the perfect place for all thrill-seekers and experienced skiers.

The Chaux-de-Mont with its moguls on the sunny snow-sure slopes of the Tour d'Aï is the perfect place for experienced skiers to really live it up – this black-marked piste is regarded as the most demanding descent in the Leysin ski area.

Vreni Schneider Piste

One of the world’s best ski racers hailed from Glarus – Vreni Schneider dominated the ski racing scene in the 1980s and 1990s. A varied downhill run in her home village of Elm was even named in honour of this queen of the piste.

Brüggerhorn-Prätschli Descent

The Brüggerhorn in Arosa is renowned for being a mountain of relaxation. It’s the perfect place for losing track of time as you just relax and chill out. Even the descent on the Prätschli pleasure piste is relaxing.

Warmtobel Piste

Steep slopes and crisp curves with gentle passages in between – this is the Warmtobel, a steep little valley on the north flank of the Gamserrugg. This difficult, extremely varied piste is enough to set every seasoned skier’s pulse racing.