Urnerboden is Switzerland’s largest alp, and many consider it to be the most beautiful one.

Local History and Anna Göldi Museum

The Diesbachfall is a rare nature experience and the region’s landmark. Many profess it to be one of Switzerland’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Cheese adventure on Nüenalp

Right at the entrance to the Glarus Region is the Nüenalp with great views over the Linth plateau and the Glarus Alps. Fresh alpine cheese is produced on a daily basis here.

Tobagganing way above everyday life

Grotzenbüel - Hüttenberg (3 km) toboggan run reserved for tobogganing with evening tobogganing and lit toboggan run (every Friday) and Grotzenbóel - Rubschen - Dorf (village) (3km).

A sportive toboggan run on which daredevils can let loose on a thrilling 3 kilometer ride from Grotzenbüel via Grosssyten to the mid Hüttenberg station.