Mountain restaurant Chämistube

Family-friendly mountain restaurant with a large sun-terrace.

With its family-friendly ambiance, sun terrace with delightful views of the Glarner Alps and the delights that land on your plate, it’s not surprising that this mountain restaurant attracts big and small in both summer and winter.

Freuler Palace, Näfels

Since 1648, when it was completed, Freuler Palace has been most famous building in Canton Glarus. Freuler Palace has housed the Glarus Regional Museum since 1946. The museum boasts numerous fascinating exhibitions and interesting museums.

Local History and Anna Göldi Museum

The Diesbachfall is a rare nature experience and the region’s landmark. Many profess it to be one of Switzerland’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Schwettiberg tobogganing

On with the helmet and sunshades and up and away to Braunwald adventure amid enchanting winter landscapes.