Panorama Piste

The Panorama Piste is one of the most beautiful slopes in the Braunwald family ski area. There is a magnificent panorama along the whole way – hence the name. This intermediate run takes you from the Seblengrat down to the village.

Local History and Anna Göldi Museum

The Diesbachfall is a rare nature experience and the region’s landmark. Many profess it to be one of Switzerland’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Älpli Mountain Restaurant

The cozy, authentic Älpli is located next to the ski run. In daytime, the après-ski crowd meets on the Älpli’s sunny terrace and lounges in deck chairs. In the evening visitors enjoy fondue or raclette by candlelight. The winter hiking trail is illuminated.

Freuler Palace, Näfels

Since 1648, when it was completed, Freuler Palace has been most famous building in Canton Glarus. Freuler Palace has housed the Glarus Regional Museum since 1946. The museum boasts numerous fascinating exhibitions and interesting museums.