Toboggan-fun for families

Toboggans and bobsleds by the valley station are yours to borrow from mid December until March; meaning there’s no stopping the fun in life’s fast lane for families or friends.

Discover White-water Sports in Chateau d'Oex!

There are five activities to choose from, all of which enable visitors to discover the joys of being on the water!

Espace Ballon Château-d'Oex

The "Espace Ballon" is in the centre of Chateau-'Oex and offers a range of hot air balloon-related activities for children and adults alike. The permanent and temporary exhibitions are designed to inform visitors about the "lighter than air" experience from different angles.

The Espace Ballon explores all the aspects of the whole hot air ballooning adventure. Visitors learn everything about the surprising and poetic world of ballooning, from its history to technical aspects, from the most memorable moments to the most unbelievable records.

Winter idyll in the Pays d'Enhaut

Winter hike from Château d’Oex to Rougemont and Saanen

Romantic riverside hike along the Saane/Sarine from farming village to farming village in the Pays d'Enhaut.