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Arnold Bakery

The bakery has a tradition that dates back over 100 years and offers specialities based on original 4th generation recipes, e.g. Simpiler rye bread made from sour dough, and products such as twisted bread. Christmas time is sweetened up with Panettone, while over the summer the bakery is well worth a visit for its homemade ice cream.

Silent Nanztal Valley Crossing

Three mountain passes, a silent valley and ancient irrigation channel on the way across the Simplon Pass to scenic Giw, high above the Vispertal valley.

On the trail of history in the Simplon region

On the trail of history in the Simplon region

Simplon Pass was an important Pass Crossing connecting the Valais to Northern Italy as early as the Middle Age. The renowned merchant Kaspar von Stockalper used the route for his transactions, as did Napoleon later on. The region of the Simplon offers hikers an incredible mountain panorama and an impressive alpine flora. Alpine roses as far as the eye can see...

Alpine Passes Trail

This spectacular long-distance hike links 14 of the most beautiful Alpine passes in Graub√ľnden, Ticino and Valais. You can comfortably tackle the trail in sections: this is one of the finest.