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Kesch-Trek: En-route between Flüela and Albula

Four day walk from cabin to cabin from the Flüela Pass via the Scaletta-Pass to the Albula Pass and on to Bergün.

The Kesch-Treck offers four superlative days in the Bündner Mountain Region. Spectacular mountain scenery with wild valleys, rugged peaks and impressive glaciers make the tour an unforgettable mountain hike. Three SAC-cabins, the Grialetsch Cabin, the Kesch Cabin and the Es-cha Cabin have joined together to offer the tour lasting several days as a bookable all-inclusive walking tour.

Snow, sun and fun tobogganing

Tight curves and plenty of gradient – this toboggan run offers 4 kilometres of pure adventure.

Evangelical church in Stugl

In the past it was not only goods that were transported over the Albula Pass, there was also a vibrant cultural exchange between the north and the south. In the little church in Stugl (14th century), there is only room for a couple of dozen people. The wonderful paintings in this little chapel perched on a hill between Bergün and Filisur are strikingly reminiscent of those in the Arena Chapel in the northern Italian town of Padua.