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Bergrestaurant Hannigalp, 2114m

Delicious dishes of the day and deals of the week. The family restaurant "Mäc SiSU", with pasta buffet and special "Mäc SiSU" meals, is a favourite for young and old alike.

Fairy Tale Cable Car

Guests of all ages rave about the exciting trip up to Hannigalp with the unique Fairy Tale Cable Car. A guide narrates a Grimm fairy tale during the trip. The story is depicted on the exterior surface of the cable car.

SiSu Family Park

The Grächen mascot SiSu (“sicher Sunna“ or “safe Sunna“) welcomes guests who arrive by fairy tale gondola at the magical SiSu Family Park.

Robi’s Forest Playground

Robi’s Forest Playground is located in the village of Grächen. It offers many exciting attractions for young and old.