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Fast descent with the Bikeboard

When the summer season approaches, the first fast bikeboard ride is kicked off. The trendy sports equipment is simple to handle and guarantees an exciting adventure.


Beginners' tour with magnificent vistas of Lake Lucerne

The heartland of Switzerland, where once upon a time the legendary Rütli Oath marked the beginning of the Swiss Confederation, nowadays mainly excursionists longing for pristine nature are gamboling and enjoying the scenery. In contrast to the Swiss inhabitants of those dearly days, today's visitors have an eye for the esthetics of this picturesque landscape. Here the deep-blue Lake Lucerne, the two Mythen mountains and the Rigi massif bid you welcome.

Niederbauen Chulm

Unique vantage point in the midst of the Lake Lucerne area, offering a view of the City of Lucerne on one side and of the Gotthard region on the other. Access by small cable car from Emmetten; board and lodging in the mountain house. A special tip: a repast at the restaurant on Alp Tritt.

Anyone who is familiar with the area will skip the first 800 meters of altitude difference by simply taking one of the very comfortable blue aerial cable-car oin Emmetten that drops one off at Alp Niederbauen (1570 Here, look down on to the grandiose panorama consisting of Lake Luzern, ringed by jagged peaks.