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Erich von Däniken Path, Beatenberg

On the biographical Erich von Däniken Path you can find a lot of interesting information on this citizen of Beatenberg and world famous author of bestsellers.

Alpine Orientation Hike - Beatenberg-Niederhorn

The orientation hike at almost 2,000 meters above sea level is a fascinating experience: Three different trails between Niederhorn and Vorsass invite you to enjoy an orientation hike.

Listen to the nettles growing, Beatenberg

Let herb expert and pharmacist Markus Metzger take you on a real hiking adventure in the environs of Beatenberg as he points out various medicinal plants and raises your awareness of your natural surroundings.

Travelling by scooter-bike

Enjoy an invigorating and fun ride on a scooter-bike through Beatenberg or all the way down to Lake Thun.

Trotti Fun at Niederhorn: Fast descent from the intermediate station of Vorsass to Beatenberg. Two routes of 6 km or 12 km are available.